The Turn in the Road

Let’s try this, as an opening claim: to be homeward bound is to have turned aside, to have left the big path, the one big path that was meant to lead to the future; no longer to be in service to its promises, and to ask what else is worth doing with the time we may have left.

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  • The Great Humbling S4E5: ‘Belief’
    Dougald poses a big question for this episode: what do we believe in? Ed responds playfully and paradoxically with ‘self-delusion’, citing Robert Trivers work on self-deceit that includes gay pornographyContinue reading “The Great Humbling S4E5: ‘Belief’”
  • The Great Humbling S4E4: ‘Are we going to talk about Ukraine?’
    We started this podcast in the early weeks of the pandemic, talking about the stories circling around it. A crisis had come out of the corner of almost everyone’s field of vision and became, within weeks, the only thing in the news. Two years on, something similar has happened, so we arrived at this episode wondering whether or not to talk about Ukraine.
  • The Great Humbling S4E3: “Remapping Lava”
    At the start of 2022, we revisit the earliest episodes of The Great Humbling in which we tried to map the stories taking shape around the pandemic. How does it all look now, almost two years on? And is the ground on the move again?

Traps, Cages & Spells

A series of letters from conservation biologist Nicholas Wilkinson.