Gathering the Fragments

Homeward Bound is the commonplace book of a school called HOME: a place to share the lines of thought we are following, the voices we are learning from, and the places this is leading us. Like anything with life in it, this is a work in progress, and our understanding of what we are up to here will no doubt shift as we go along.

Homeward Bound was also the title of the seven-part online series we held over the past two years. We’re currently taking a break from offering new public series, while we work with our ongoing membership community. But sign up to Writing Home for news of future events and gatherings, as well as new writing from our co-founder Dougald Hine.

A school called HOME

HOME is a school that grows out of the conversations we bring together around our kitchen table. We think of it as a gathering place and a learning community for those who are drawn to the work of regrowing a living culture. Much of our work just now takes place through the medium of screens and cameras and keyboards, hosting Homeward Bound and the Long Table community that has grown out of earlier series. But in January 2021, we took ownership of a pair of wooden buildings in Östervåla, Sweden that are slowly becoming a long-term home for our family and this school.

Who we are

This school is the work of Anna Björkman and Dougald Hine. It’s the fruit of the projects we led, the books we’ve read, the organisations we built, the people we learned with and the friendships that formed us over the past two decades.

Anna’s background is as a project leader, working with grassroots activists, children’s rights and literature.

Dougald is a social thinker and writer, known among other things as co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project.