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Hi Ed and Dougald,

Having discussed low tech solutions, I couldn't help recommending you to both look at the Low Tech Magazine (online magazine) run by Kris De Decker.

Kris was a tech writer who appears to have gone down a similar track as you both. He became disillusioned by researchers telling him how their new technological solution would solve X or Y, but never actually managed to deliver.

Low-tech Magazine underscores the potential of past and often forgotten technologies and how they can inform sustainable energy practices.

Lot's to think about! The website has also been built to be as low power as possible, running off solar!

The archive is fascinating, I'll let you explore it for yourself!

Love to you both,


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Thanks, Gareth! I've read a lot of good stuff on the Low Tech site over the years (often linked by Ran Prieur) – but didn't know Kris's story. I'll explore further!

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Fantastic! He did a great interview with Nate Hagens!

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